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Tide is low after a weekend of big mavs

Melanie DewBerry believes there is great power in all names

CEAP Meeting at Coastside Emergency Center

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?The Beach Timers are not staying in place.?

By Marsenne Kendall 11:42 pm PST

Recent efforts to measure wave touch on coastal walls have been disrupted by comby approximants, who lift the ticking stopwatches alike to those in the influx of flops at the Poplar Beach recent wash-up of  sand-dollar deposit. Unlike the flops, who were able to cash in the sand-dollars for actual mayo points at Cozy?s, these lifters will be disappointed to watch the Timers die within miles of the peninsular drop spot.  Jick, an attendant of Minae?s Inn, explained reactionary freezing almost immediately.

        ?It began to get colder and colder in my son?s hands. I had him put it on our hotel nightstand and that?s when what looked like dry ice began to flow out of the sides of the timer. It began misting a bit as well, which I didn?t mind ? mist actually looks cool to me, but then we started having problems when I saw the ice crystallizing to the night stand.?

Minae?s Inn did not fine Jick for room damages.

The next time you or someone you know is going 30?s-as-20?s on a Saturday evening, let them bring the wine down to the sand, let them get Greek around the fire, but please remind everyone the timers are not for take-home, that is why God made shells. Should I say this again, it will be of no use, for it will be while I?m running for my life, because the coastal walls will be flat ironed. Stone deposit is something we, the leading intellectual marine biological superbs, do not talk about with townsfolk in order to minimize outcry. However at the speed in which sediment is pushed by maverick activity, into the walls, without advance preparation, we could be headed for a flood.

I am also going to take the time to say that though we will never reveal it?s location,  I?ve been doing excellent things at the Institute. I got samples at 8 years running up at 40 count-eject in the ?Eyelash Pond? study group. I have 11 year olds actually getting stars, these 11 y/o?s  from donated group everyone thought was lost for good, in a plural dish, taking nutrients from healthy ?wise? suppliers, and detonating newer scoby patches, which local, self-package businesses have already been asking about.

Mann Channel, an update on Richard Mann, Mann?s tenable community recuperation project, will stay in the paper as it is sponsored by Craig Dawkins Recovery Partners LLC.

Yep, another day around this household.

The neighborhood girl had a sleepover, and breakfast for all.

The wife works so hard M-F, then she gets to sleep-in as much as she wants to.

The wife did wake up and mentioned a luncheon at a posh restaurant with her ONE friend, and the boy and I fixed the chain on that 10-speed bike.

The wife got into her Lexus to leave the household, and said her next car will be a Porsche.

The 2 vermin and ?Pippi? returned from their bike trip with some donuts, and are inspired to set-up a lemonade stand. I?ve helped them get some stuff together, and made a few suggestions about their pricing model for their enterprise.

I chatted with Pippi?s mum, and she?s welcome to sleepover another night too!

Yep, everyone is getting what they want. Everyone is getting what they deserve outta life for their time-investments.

*** Before things get messy, I should start by saying this started as a joke. I apologize to many of the innocuous posters  I am putting at risk for continuing my publication. I am sorry for trying to hide behind a generative fiction qua non-fiction narrative. It was never my intention to destroy an entire community through mendacity and invention. The lives I touch through writing do not usually see the light, where their stories are told. So it was all the more alarming to receive threatening notes for using names without permission, digging into people?s Flickr accounts and dusting off the cobwebs, and attempting to create a locus in science fiction threaded through the most comprehensive crap-stract presentation of information aesthetics. It is true, I only do this for myself, and in my fondest readings  An escape from how writing appears in peripherally conventional sense.

Half Moon Bay Autos needs a new salesperson who is willing to:

  • Wear shoes from payless shoesource without